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Church of Our Lady "Na Náměti"

The church was built at the end of 14th century at the place of the medieval ore mercantile market. Petr Brandl, a famous artist of the Czech baroque, is buried here.

It was built in the late 14th century on the site of a medieval ore-trading market. The fragments that separated from the silver ore in the course of its handling were carefully swept (hence 'námeť' loosely translatable as 'sweeps').

The church was first used in 1407. In 1470, the church was damaged by a fire. The tower and vault were then repaired. A richly decorated stone pulpit has survived from the first half of the 16th century inside the church. The sanctuary placed in the niche of the presbytery, dating from the late 15th century, is from the Matyas Rejsek’s building company, one of the builders of St. Barbara's Church. Petr Brandl, a major Baroque painter, is buried in the church.

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