Church of St. James

A representative municipal temple where an interesting late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque inventory is preserved.

In the early 14th century, it was decided to build a stone church that would better reflect the town´s significance. The project was largely financed by the town's prominent patrician families and mining and minting officials.
The construction was undertaken by a team of builders from Prague between 1300 and 1420. The original design was of a twin tower church but the second tower has never been completed. With the number underground tunnels, the slope on the edge of which the church stands was found not stable enough to support the structure. The tower that was built is 86 meters high and the church is sometimes referred to as the High Church.

From the 1430s to the year 1620 it was managed by the Utraquist Church and the town for some time became the residence of the Utraquist bishopric.
Interesting late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque furnishings and decorations have been preserved in the church.

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