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Church of St. John of Nepomuk

This Baroque church from 18th century was built by an imperial architect F.M. Kaňka in tribute to St. John o Nepomuk.

The Church was built between 1734 and 1752; the interior decoration was added in 1754. It represents the only Kutná Hora church, which was built and completed with interior decoration in the same architectural style (i.e. the church is intact) - late Baroque showing some Rococo features, and Baroque Classicism.

The church served and was maintained as a branch church of the Roman Catholic Church. After the construction of Kutná Hora grammar school had been completed (in 1857 on the nearby Komenský Square), the church was used by students. In 1951 the liturgical function of the church was suddenly interrupted and the church administration was forced to rent the church out to the town for free. The interior decoration was partly deposited in church depositories or transferred to other churches located in the neighborhood. The church was then used as civil defense storage, a fire station and as a place for storing building waste. Those parts of the interior decoration, which could not be moved away from the Church, were subsequently damaged by vandals, a part of the decoration was even stolen.

The demanding reconstruction of the Church was started in 1980. During the time period from 1997 to 2000 the interior was under the reconstruction worth almost 13 million CZK.

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