Italian Court

Former royal mint and residence of Kings of Bohemia from the 13th century.

The Italian Court is a unique building of a royal mint where Prague groschen were minted from 1300. It was a high quality silver coin used in a great deal of Europe. The royal palace and a chapel were built at the end of the 14th century. The Italian Court was a place where a lot of important political decisions were made - In 1409 Decree of Kutná Hora was signed here and in 1471 Vladislaus Jagiellon was elected the King of Bohemia. Since the end of the 19th century the building has been the town hall of Kutná Hora.

You can also visit a coin exhibit here, see a coiner stamping coins, and visit the rooms of the former royal palace including a beautiful Art nouveau chapel with valuable wooden altars.

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Other expositions in Italian Court

Museum “Unveiling of the Mysterious face of Kutná Hora”

It is an exceptional museum describing not a very popular topic - crime, where Kutná Hora presents its bad and mysterious face in the times of “silver rush”. It emphasizes the fact that silver was a motive for small thefts as well as for raids on Kutná Hora.

The exposition also shows examples of witchcraft and prostitution and the punishment of these sins.

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Gallery of Felix Jenewein

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