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Jesuit College - Gallery of Central Bohemian Region (GASK)

GASK has its main building in one of the chief landmarks of the town of Kutná Hora: the large complex of the Jesuit College, and is thus the second largest gallery in the Czech Republic.

A two-story baroque college in a shape of a letter F was built on the premises of former Gothic houses by an architect Giovanni Domenico Orsi in 1667. The location was intentionally chosen next to the most significant Kutná Hora Church of St. Barbara which was in administration of the Jesuit order. The artificial terrace in front of it was in the early 18th century decorated with statues of saints by the Jesuit sculptor Frantisek Baugut, the author of the Plague Column in Kutná Hora.

After abolishing the Jesuit order in 1773 the college was used for military purposes. At the moment you can find the Gallery of Central Bohemian Region there. It presents Czech modern art.

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