Sankturin House

Originally a Gothic house was built as early as at the end of 13th century as a fortified tower construction of manufacturing nature. The building belongs to the oldest ones in the town.

Silver ore was processed here and refined, as archeological finds attest.

In the late 15th century, a tower was added to the house. On its second floor there is a chapel with fine late Gothic reticulated vaults decorated with leaf work, polychromic and gilded ornaments. When a huge fire swept the center of the town in 1770, destroying, among other buildings, the town hall, the house was badly damaged and in the later reconstruction acquired its present Baroque appearance.

The building houses the Information Centre of Kutná Hora, museum “Alchemy Workshop” and the Museum of Lego.

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Alchemy workshop

“Alchemy workshop” was opened in Sankturin House in Palackého square in 2011. The museum is designed as an alchemy workshop or laboratory where wax alchemists are searching for the Philosopher’s Stone and elixir of youth. There is also Golem and a kaleidoscope.

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The Museum of Lego

On the area or 150 square meters you may see an exhibition of more than a thousand original Lego models. You will see a model of the Bone Church in Sedlec, which attracts thousands of people each year. It consists of 50 000 LEGO particles.

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