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Czech Museum of Silver - Tyl House

Permanent exposition of J.K.Tyl, the author of the lyrics of the Czech national anthem – “Where my home is”. Since 2009 there has been an exposition “Kutná Hora underground and its exploration”.

The original name of the native house of Josef Kajetán Tyl was “The House at the Golden Comb” and is located in the former Čáslavská Street, today’s Tylova Street. Its present appearance arose on Gothic foundations after a big fire in town in 1823, when a large part of this town district was burned down. On the front façade of the house is installed a locket relief of Tyl’s bust with an inscription reminding that on February 4, 1808 Josef Kajetán Tyl was born here, a writer, dramatist and author of the text of the Czech national anthem, “Kde domov můj” (Where my home is). 

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