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Tours on demand

On demand we are also able to prepare tours with other sights in Kutná Hora included, or tours on special topics (religion, history, legends, etc.).

Other sights that may be included in the tour:

  1. Museum of „Unveiling of the Mysterious Face of Kutna Hora“
  2. Church of St. John of Nepomuk (April – October)
  3. Corpus Christi Chapel
  4. Alchemy Workshop - museum
  5. Church of St. James (June – September)
  6. South tower of the Jesuit College / GASK
  7. Church of Our Lady Na Náměti (June – September)
  8. Czech Museum of Silver
  9. Wine tasting in Kutná Hora wine cellars


It is possible to include coining show by a coiner in a historical costume (it is also possible to order coins as a souvenir for each visitor).

up to 10 pax CZK 50 per group
11 – 30 pax CZK 150 per group
over 30 pax CZK 200 per group

Special tour

All tours may be with a guide in a historical costume for CZK 200 per group. 

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