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Italian Court

Our company runs one of the most significant historical buildings in Kutná Hora – Italian Court.

This building, which is mainly town hall of Kutná Hora, also holds our museum of minting and a former royal residence (audience hall and a unique gothic chapel painted in art nouveau style).
Visitors may choose either shorter or longer tour or visit the Museum of Unveiling Mysterious Face of Kutná Hora.

On the tour you will learn which currency had a similar value to the euro, where the dollar comes from and which important political decisions made in the 15th century affected Central Europe as a whole. The royal chapel will excite you with its beauty. It contains high gothic vault, late gothic furnishings and art nouveau decorations.

You can buy a wide range of souvenirs in our ticket office especially hand made as well as machine stamped copies of the coins that were once made in the royal mint in the Italian Court. We sell books and brochures about the Italian Court and the town of Kutná hora in various languages (English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French etc.). We also offer pottery and glass products with the motifs from Kutná Hora.

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